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Monitor your competitors,
understand what's selling,
and find promising affiliate partners.

Unlock a database with extensive data on all bestselling Gumroad products.

(Gum Spy is not officially affiliated with Gumroad.)

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Monitor your competitors

Most creators are completely blind to their competitors actions. But using Gum Spy you can easily analyze who your main competitors are and what they're doing.

You'll know who you're truly up against and be able to react whenever a competitor makes an important change.

Understand what's selling

Not sure what type of product you should create? Or maybe you have a product idea but you need to know the market potential before investing time and money?

Using Gum Spy, you can find out how much money you can potentially make by selling a certain product in a specific category. Also you can also use our data to understand how successful products in your niche position themselves and to find niche products that are doing surprisingly well.

Find promising products you can promote as an affiliate

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money and most creators are happy to accept new affiliates. But finding products to promote can be a long and tiring process.

Gum Spy helps by making it easy to find new products that are selling like crazy.


Understand the Marketplace

You can easily filter by category and sales rank to understand who your main competitors are.

This way, you can quickly analyze your competitor's prices and product descriptions to get inspired for your own product.

Estimate Potential Earnings

We use a mathematical model of the Gumroad marketplace to estimate the revenue of all listed products.

This allows you to analyze how much you can potentially earn with a specific type of product.

Monitor Changes

We keep track of price changes, product ratings, and sales ranks.

This makes it easy to find bestselling new products and to keep an eye on the competitor landscape.



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Access to the complete dataset

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$9.99 /mo

Access to the complete dataset

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save 33%


$4.99 /mo

Access to the complete dataset

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Do I need programming skills to use Gum Spy effectively?

No. All data is made available through Airtable and thus it's easy to create custom filters without coding skills.

Is the data always up-to-date?

No, all data is cached. For most use-cases it won't make a big difference. However, if you have a particularly time-sensitive use-case, Gum Spy is probably not the right tool for you. But if this the case for you, we'd love to hear about your use-case.

How often is the data updated?

Currently, all data sets are updated once a month. This should be sufficient for most use-cases. But if you're interested in more frequently updated data, you can help by spreading the word. Once there are 100 active users, the data will be updated every two weeks, and as soon as there are 200 active users, the database will be updated weekly.

Can I get a refund?

Yes, of course. If you're not satisfied, you get your money back. No questions asked. (But of course, we'd love to hear what you didn't like about it since we're committed to making Gum Spy as useful as possible.)

How accurate is the data?

We don't have access to Gumroad's internal data and therefore, necessarily, all revenue and sales data are estimates. However, we performed dozens of cross-checks with creators that share their revenue numbers openly and in most cases our estimates are correct within 20%. It's of course, always possible that there are outliers. So, if you find one, please let us know, and we'll improve the model accordingly.

Are all Gumroad products included in the database?

No. Due to technical limitations only the top 1000 products from each Gumroad category are currently included. But you can relatively safely assume that products that aren't in the top 1000 make any significant money. An exception is when a creator made the decision to not include his products in the public Gumroad marketplace. Since there is no data available on such products, they're also not included in our database.